Et Maintenant, Les Remakes

The perfect combination of hot and crazy! Yes!With “Dinner for Schmucks” looking to dominate the new-release conversation this weekend, it made sense that this week’s MSN Movies gallery should have something of a Continental feel to it. So it’s all about other English-language remakes of French features — including a few you probably haven’t thought about in a while.

Like, for example, “Pure Luck”.

I know, right? Why would anybody think about “Pure Luck”? Well, that’s why they get me to do these galleries. I can take it.

3 thoughts on “Et Maintenant, Les Remakes”

  1. I’m waiting for a remake of ‘The Piano Teacher’ starring Nancy McKeon and Justin Bieber. Written by Akiva Goldsman and directed by Chris Columbus. First in line, baby!

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