Cats, Dogs, Ghosts, Bombs and Schmucks

Zac Efron's nude scene provokes an unexpected responseThis is what a slow summer weekend looks like. Sequels, remakes, weird projects that never should have made out of development and a documentary used as counterprogramming. But I abide, dudes. I endure.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore“: Bad sequel! Bad! Go to your box! (And the same goes for the anonymous Cineplex employee that approved the miserable screening conditions at the Queensway last Saturday morning — I know Warner was just as pissed about the situation as I was.)

Charlie St. Cloud“: Zac Efron sees dead people in Burr Steers’ bizarre attempt to snap up some of that sweet “Twilight” box-office with a quasi-supernatural romance thing. Come on, tweens, show me you’re too smart to fall for it.

Countdown to Zero“: In which Lucy Walker attempts to make the terror of sudden nuclear annihilation relevant to people who don’t even remember the ’80s. Which isn’t to say reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the world isn’t a laudable goal; it’s just that shameless fear-mongering is no way to get it done.

Dinner for Schmucks“: The appeal of seeing Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, together again after “Anchorman” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, was enough to make me overcome my general impatience with Jay Roach and the work of Francis Veber … and I was mostly not disappointed. Fun fact: Jemaine Clement essentially reprises the character he played in “Gentlemen Broncos”, but this time it’s okay to enjoy it.

Oh, and TIFF Cinematheque is screening Eric Rohmer’s “Six Moral Tales” as a farewell to the late director; I’ve got a piece about that going up later today on the NOW site, so check back here this afternoon for the link.

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  1. Speaking of Charlie St. Cloud, Warner is apparently (finally) releasing Altman’s ‘Brewster McCloud’ on DVD in some build-to-order scheme from their website.

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