Christopher Nolan Has Nothing to Regret

Wait, this water is actually money!“Inception” held the top slot at the box-office for a third straight week with a weekend gross of $27.5 million — not a huge haul, exactly, but still $4.2 million more than its closest competition, “Dinner for Schmucks”, was able to earn.

So there; the movie that people worried might be too smart for today’s mouth-breathing mass audiences, or a massive bomb, will break $200 million domestic sometime today. And the movie that’s actually tailored for those mouth-breathing mass audiences? That came in second.

Better still, the “Cats & Dogs” sequel placed fifth with just $12.5 million, demonstrating that (a) 3D will not automatically make your movie a hit and (b) no one wants to see a “Cats & Dogs” sequel. Everybody wins, really.