Neither Now You See Me nor After Earth topped the box-office this weekend; though they made $28.05 and $27 million, respectively, that still didn’t beat the $34.5 million pulled down by Fast & Furious 6 as it continues to burn through the megaplex audiences.

The biggest surprise was seeing The Hangover Part III slide all the way down to sixth place with just $15.9 million as Epic and Star Trek Into Darkness tied for fourth with $16.4 million. Yeah, it’s just half a million dollars’ difference, but I would have thought people would still be interested in catching up with Cooper, Helms and Galifianakis. Guess not.

Anyway, none of this is terribly important. The real news this weekend is Dan Harmon’s return to Community after being tossed by Sony a year ago. (I guess even they noticed how terrible the fourth season was.) Longtime readers of this blog may remember I took the news of Harmon’s firing fairly hard; it’s weird — it’s more than weird — to suddenly be looking forward to Community again.

Here’s to six proper seasons, and maybe even a movie.

2 thoughts on “Equilibrium”

  1. The fourth season of Community was uneven, but really no more so than any under Harmon’s tenure. It had a handful of great episodes (including the finale, which was terrific), and had none as awful as Season 2’s dreadful stop-motion Christmas special.

    I’m glad to see the creator reunited with the show he nurtured, but I’m kind of annoyed at the Cult of Harmon that has formed around him. The next season stands just as much chance of being terrible as it does being good, perhaps more so if Harmon lets his reinstatement go to his head.

    1. See, I had the opposite experience with Season Four — I felt only the body-switching episode came close to recapturing the characters as they were in the first three seasons, and I absolutely hated the finale; like a lot of this season, it just rehashes storylines and notions that were put decisively to bed in previous seasons.

      The news of Harmon’s return is the only thing that’ll get me to watch the show again, and I want him to tackle it at full throttle. His COMMUNITY speaks to me in a way little else does; the deHarmonized season barely even seemed like the same show.

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