After Everything

Jaden SmithHoly cats! Look at all the movies! Some of which even have cats in them!

After Earth: Wow, can Jaden Smith not act.

Blancanieves: A silent Snow White. With bullfighting. [Rad]

Charles Bradley: Soul of America: Rock on, Charles Bradley. Rock on.

Erased: Well, it ain’t no Taken 2.

The English Teacher: And this ain’t no About Schmidt.

The Ghosts in Our Machine: Humans exploit animals. Feel bad yet? [Susan]

Hava Nagila: The Movie: Learn about the song, why not? [Susan]

The Lesser Blessed: “Telefilm can’t possibly turn us down.”

Lore:  Children of Nazis have problems too. [Rad]

Now You See MeOcean’s Eleven with magicians, but dopier.

Old Stock: And this ain’t no Garden State. [Rad]

Pieta: Kim Ki-duk aims to misbehave. Jagoff.

Sightseers: Road trip! With murder! (And knitting.)

And there we go. I have to run; I’m meeting Ben Fox and Craig Pelton later today and I want to be sure I look nice for them before I burst into tears and beg them to hold me.

3 thoughts on “After Everything”

  1. Sounds like what this movie needs, other than more logic and a different director, is more Riddick (I’m ridiculously psyched for Riddick in September). Now there’s a character that can survive a trek through beastie-infested territory. And until I inevitably watch this movie after it filters its way down to free-on-TV, I choose to think that the Ursa looks like a giant teddy bear constantly sniffing the air for pheromones.

    And you were, of course, right about Star Trek Into Darkness. Saw it this week and it was an enormous amount of fun! Don’t understand the general disappointment and/or hate from so many.

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