“Why Does This Keep Happening to Us?”

Willis Courtney DH5Short answer: Because Die Hard movies make money. Even when they’re atrocious and fundamentally betray the character of Mister Officer John McClane Of The New York City Police Department, as is the case with the one I discuss in this week’s MSN DVD column.

The long answer is the same, really, only with more cursing.

2 thoughts on ““Why Does This Keep Happening to Us?””

  1. “And other than a brief moment between Willis and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, reprising her role as Lucy McClane from the last movie, there’s nothing else that reminds us that these are the same characters in whom we’ve been invested for a quarter of a century.”

    To truly rub in this movie’s contempt for its audience, Winstead has been completely exised from the Extended Cut.

    1. The Blu-ray didn’t arrive until this morning, so I wasn’t able to watch the alternate version before filing my column. But that’s got to be the stupidest thing about that cut.

      … right?

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