Episode Two!

Hannibal_aaron_abramsQuick Change posterThe second episode of Someone Else’s Movie has gone live, with Aaron Abrams — of Young People Fucking, The L.A. Complex and Hannibal — championing the clockwork perfection of Bill Murray and Howard Franklin’s 1990 heist comedy Quick Change.

It’s a great movie, and Aaron was a terrific guest. I’m having a ball putting this show together from week to week (especially now that I’m over the miserable learning curve of audio-editing software and RSS feed construction), and this is the episode where I finally feel like I might know what I’m doing. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the episode here, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  That’s probably easiest.

4 thoughts on “Episode Two!”

  1. Really enjoyed this episode of the podcast, as I’m a big QUICK CHANGE fan, so I hate to quibble, but you mentioned a few times that Bill Murray directed THE RAZOR’S EDGE. It was actually directed by John Byrum.

    1. Crap, you’re right — Murray co-wrote it (and was said to have overseen it very closely), but Byrum was the director. I’ll add a correction notice in an upcoming episode. Thanks for the catch!

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