Abandon Most Hope

insurgent-movie-trailerOh, you know how this goes. Another massive YA sequel opens this week, so everyone’s getting out of the way or counterprogramming dude-centric actioners against it. But you know what they say: Never bet against a post-apocalyptic teen heroine.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent: I like Shailene Woodley so much that it’s getting painful to watch her in this series. But yeah, it’ll be huge.

The Gunman: Sean Penn shoots guns, drives fast and punches people — like, a lot — in Pierre Morel’s actioner. But Javier Bardem has the most fun.

Lost and Love: Peng Sanyuan’s drama stars Andy Lau as a ruined man searching for his long-missing son. Rad couldn’t get on board.

Seymour: An Introduction: Ethan Hawke’s documentary portrait of New York piano teacher Seymour Bernstein is a lovely meditation on mentorship, artistry and growth. I can’t recommend it enough.

Sitting On the Edge of Marlene: Freshly minted Screenies award-winner Suzanne Clement goes big — really big — in Ana Valine’s debut feature. Rad isn’t having any of this, either.

Tracers: Well, I’ll say this: Parkour means never having to say you’re sorry for casting Taylor Lautner in your crappy action movie.

… yeah, it’s a pretty dreary week. Go see Seymour; it’ll cheer you up.



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