Dawn of the Brand Extensions

Is it already Friday again? What the hell? Weren’t we just here?

“Beyond the Black Rainbow”: I’ve been trying to see Panos Cosmatos’ retro fantasy for, what, two years now? And now it’s opening just as I leave town for a couple of days. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to catch up to it when I get back — assuming Andrew‘s review hasn’t killed it.

Cosmopolis“: After “A Dangerous Method”, David Cronenberg eases back into his comfort zone with a quietly hallucinatory character study a la “Videodrome”, “Naked Lunch”, “Crash” and “eXistenZ”. I think that’s a good thing.

“Double Trouble”: Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee makes his action-movie debut as a befuddled security guard. Phil is unimpressed; I’m surprised to find out this thing even exists.

High School“: When an uptight student and his stoner BFF decide to get their entire school high to invalidate a drug test, you’ve got a recipe for wackiness … or at least a reasonably entertaining comedy featuring a host of respectable actors being very, very silly. (Exhibit A: “And Adrien Brody as Psycho Ed”.)

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted“: Hey, look, Jessica Chastain finally made a movie I don’t want to see. Although Rad¬†thought it was okay, and Noah Baumbach’s screenwriting credit is … intriguing.

Prometheus“: Ridley Scott attempts to build a new franchise onto the bones of his 1979 masterwork “Alien”, but all he does is deliver the kind of shabby, contradictory and entirely unnecessary prequel that people thought “The Thing” was going to be.

There, that’s everything. I’m heading off to New York for the weekend, so you might want to follow me on the Twitter to see what I get up to. No promises, but there’s an excellent chance I’ll be catching up on the exploits of some guy named Brick Tamland.

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