What We Talk About When We Talk About “Cosmopolis”

In this week’s NOW, I sit down with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson to discuss their new picture, “Cosmopolis”, and how Pattinson got his groove back by working on it. (I humbly suggest you listen to the audio clips for some headier material from Cronenberg, whose excellent observations about financial predators and the fallacy of authorial continuity wouldn’t fit into the print piece.) There’ll also be a Q&A with co-star Sarah Gadon going up sometime today or tomorrow, depending on how the web pipeline is flowing. (UPDATE: It went up Friday.)

I also chat with Colin Hanks, who turns up this week in the enjoyable stoner farce “High School”. More importantly, Hanks played a Christmas ghost in last year’s Thrilling Adventure Hour holiday special, which I was lucky enough to attend, so I finally got to talk to someone about the TAH experience. That’s in the audio clips, too.

Also in this week’s paper: Yet more on the Worldwide Short Film Festival, a peek at NXNE’s film component and a look at the Canadian Sports Film Festival, because yes, there’s one of those now.

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