Cover: Me!

They're bigger in personOkay, so the grammatically correct slug would be “Cover: Mine”, but you get what I’m going for, right?

NOW’s gala pre-TIFF issue hits the street today, featuring my very first cover story for the paper — a feature on the Canada First! entry “Coopers’ Camera”. You should check it out.

And yes, this is what brought me to the “Daily Show” studios last month: Face time! With Jason Jones and Samantha Bee! And their infant son! (And Jon Stewart’s dog!) For a movie that’s actually quite good, and deserves all the ink it can get!

Seriously, people: The next time I complain about my stressful career — and even money says that’ll be happening real soon — please point me in the direction of some perspective. I have the best goddamn job in the world.