Escape from the Dumping Ground

Help! Jason Bourne's after me!Labour Day weekend is the slowest box-office weekend of the year; thus, it’s become a boneyard where studios traditionally dump their problem films.

Most of the movies opening this week — “Babylon A.D.”, “College”, “Disaster Movie”, “Outsourced” — weren’t even screened for us beforehand … which is just as well, really, since there are so many TIFF screenings already jockeying for our attention. (Yeah, Peace Arch screened “Goal II”, but I had a conflict; Deirdre liked it okay.)

The one exception, both in availability and quality, is “Traitor” — a good (if not great) espionage picture built around a fine performance from Don Cheadle. Unfortunately, the marketing is built around a major spoiler, and I’m positive that knowing it kept me from fully plugging into the picture when I saw it last week.

(The projector kacking out after about 20 minutes, and the subsequent negotiations with the theater personnel to move the print to another room so we could finish the movie, couldn’t have helped much either.)

But if you haven’t seen the trailer or the TV spots, and you have access to a well-maintained megaplex, you could do a lot worse.

2 thoughts on “Escape from the Dumping Ground”

  1. “I can’t remember the last time we got a decent movie on Labour Day weekend.”

    You forgot the Oscar-winning “The Constant Gardener” already? 🙂

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