It’s That Time Again

Shocking, no. Icky, certainlyLet’s see … it’s late August, I’m seeing bizarre German movies about 14th century teenage boys who get drafted into Satanism … yup, we must be midway through the press screenings for the Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF doesn’t officially get going for another week, but by then I’ll have filed something like fifty reviews for NOW’s expansive coverage — which starts in tomorrow’s issue, with a cover story by yours truly — and suffered at least one psychotic episode.

But right now, I’m chugging along on sugar and caffeine, and cranking out all sorts of coverage. Here’s my annual Sympatico/MSN festival overview, as well as a gallery of TIFF’s more memorable events … which has somehow been re-branded as the festival’s “most shocking moments”.

I’m not really sure what qualifies as “shocking” about the 1999 run of premieres that subsequently went on to dominate the Oscars, but I guess you have to get people’s attention somehow.