Courting Controversy

So there’s this movie, Unplanned, that’s opening in a handful of theatres across Canada this week. I haven’t seen it, because it hasn’t been screened for critics, but the producers have made sure everyone knows about it by ginning up a great big furor over how hard it was to get the movie released up here.

And now Cineplex and Landmark, the two Canadian chains, are under fire for screening it, when of course the real issue is the way Pure Flix gamed Canada’s politicians and faith-based audiences to increase awareness of their their picture.

I wrote about the situation for NOW yesterday, and as a result have been on something of a media tour ever since, appearing on CBC’s Here and Now yesterday afternoon and recording an episode of Global’s Wait, There’s More podcast that’ll be dropping later today. I’ll post the links when they’re live.

Oh, and in other news I wrote a thing about Fan Expo Canada’s  lineup announcement earlier this week. There’s a Kim’s Convenience panel, I think!

2 thoughts on “Courting Controversy”

  1. Cinedicom Cinema Services Inc.
    PO Box 2071, Fredericton B
    Fredericton, NB

    Dear Sir,

    We are the Canadian distribution company and film brokerage agency who have the exclusive rights to Unplanned in Canada. Forgive me as I have never heard of you before now. A few minutes ago another news agency was calling to verify your claims regarding “you not being allowed or being offered the chance to screen the film” Please note, I did set the record straight that your claims are untrue. Our company has provided over 40 private screenings from Exhibitors to news agencies. As of yet, you have not reached out to us. We would have gladly sent you a private screener. I hope this letter finds you well.

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