Cottage Weekend

A decade later, they're still waiting for youI don’t often get out to cottage country — it’s remote, it’s eerily quiet, there aren’t many wireless hotspots, and my skin exudes a pheromone that attracts bitey bugs. Who needs that?

But the stars have aligned just so, and I’m told they’ve made great advances in the insect-repellent sector, so I’m sucking it up and heading off for my first overnight in, like, years. Is it presumptous to bring along a mosquito net, or just plain rude?

Anyway, while I’m gone, here’s something you should read: The Onion AV Club has added John McNaughton’s “Wild Things” to its New Cult Canon series, revisiting the ten-year-old debate over whether it’s a lurid, ludicrous sun-kissed thriller on purpose, or if the whole thing was a lucky accident. (It’s the first thing.)

And while I really don’t believe Doug Liman’s “Jumper” deserves another moment of our time, the potential sequel titles proffered in the “I Watched This On Purpose” comments thread are laugh-out-loud, coffee-spewing funny.

Back soon, hopefully with a minimum of swelling …