A Lazy Summer Friday

A hero will rise, and make cranky facesI know “Hancock” opened on Wednesday — well, technically Sony chose to open it with early shows Tuesday night — but I figured I’d wait to link to my review until today, thus celebrating the complexity and daring of Mr. Will Smith on his chosen day, the Fourth of July.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

UPDATE: On the other hand, I flat-out forgot to mention the other two movies opening today … “Brick Lane”, a dull but intermittently pretty melodrama that I saw in London last fall, and “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”, which is based on a line of dolls, or something, but since it stars Abigail Breslin I can’t even look at the poster without involuntarily clenching my jaw.

Go see “Hancock”. Oh, wait, have you seen “WALL-E” yet? Why the hell not? You’ve got a soul, right?