Cinematic Ragnarok

Well, TIFF is behind us and so begins the vomiting out of all the movies that played here last week. And then there are all the other movies that flood into theatres now that Toronto audiences aren’t distracted by the festival. Seriously, it’s insane — as you’ll see when I round them all up tomorrow.

Today, though? Today is about interviews. With Hellions Bruce McDonald and Chloe Rose, with Sicario‘s Denis Villeneuve, with The Stanford Prison Experiment‘s Billy Crudup … and with John freakin’ Hodgman, who’ll be in town Monday and Tuesday performing his one-man show Vacationland at JFL 42, and with whom it was an absolute pleasure to chat.

Note: The online version of the interview is the expanded version of the conversation that appears in today’s paper, but believe me, I would have run the whole thing in print if I could have. I just love the guy.

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