Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Please Stop

Fifteen movies opening today. Fifteen. This is by any rational measurement insane, and I refuse to accept it.  But here they are, just the same.

(Reviews will be trickling in over the course of the day, since there’s been some weirdness with NOW’s website.)

Goodnight Mommy: Austrian horror with an obvious twist.

Grandma: Everyone loves them some Lily Tomlin. [Susan]

The Green Inferno: Eli Roth’s very own cannibal holocaust! 

Hellions: Children are monsters, especially in infrared.

Hotel Transylvania 2: Adam Sandler’s last workable property returns. [Rad]

The Intern: Oh, Bobby, no. Not Nancy Meyers.

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer: Flashy fashion doc salutes silly style.

Listen to Me Marlon: Brando in his own words. And pictures.

The Mend: Screwup siblings just make things worse.

Mississippi Grind: California Split remade, without the characters.

Pawn Sacrifice: Bobby Fischer was such an asshole.

Sicario: Drug-war thriller is seriously packing.

The Stanford Prison Experiment: It’s college! What could go wrong?

Unbranded: Four friends, sixteen horses, one documentary. [Rad]

Wildlike: Bruce Greenwood, father figure. It works. [Rad]

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