8 thoughts on “A Little Distracted”

  1. I hear that whispering guy who was in JLo’s latest bomb knows a thing or two. Might be pricey, though.

  2. @ Sean — I don’t think I can afford him, but if he ever turns up in Toronto to promote one of his 352 DVDs, I’ll hit him up for tips.

    @ Mary-Margaret — we’re calling him Dexter, on account of he looks like a Dexter. Also, apparently, he leads a double life where he appears to be an entirely respectable member of the community but becomes a whirling tornado of destruction when no one’s looking …

  3. Beware the power of a name! We named our cat after royalty, and it just feeds into a cat’s innate sense of entitlement. (He’s named Henry. Think Peter O’Toole leaning back in The Lion in Winter saying, “By God, but I do love being king!”) You may have set yourselves up to find some very interesting remains buried in your backyard.
    (Seriously, though, Dexter is a great name.)

  4. Love the name Dexter. I also have a pic of Zami (RIP) looking at me with creepy laser eyes. Ever wonder if they can do hair removal with ’em?

  5. So you’re keeping him?! Good for you! We’ve just changed our mind on getting a puppy. I’m sad, but our lifestyle just doesn’t fit with a new addition right now. We’ll try when we reach our 50s, I guess…

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