Chaos Reigns

dallas-buyers-club-matthew-mcconaughey-1Hugely busy week for releases, and all of my attention is on the Rob Ford Experience. Six-word review time, starting now:

About Time: Get stuffed, Richard Curtis. Get stuffed.

All the Wrong Reasons: Good cast, shame about the movie.

Dallas Buyers Club: Utterly conventional narrative invigorated by artistry. [Glenn]

Diana: Leave Hollywood, Oliver Hirschbiegel. Save yourself. [Susan]

The Disappeared: All is Lost without the vision.

Ender’s Game: Starship Troopers without the irony.

Free Birds: Something about CG animated turkeys, right? [Phil]

Hi-Ho Mistahey!: Alanis Obomsawin lectures us on schools.[Rad]

Inequality for All: Robert Reich lectures on American economics. [Jose]

Last VegasThe Hangover, but with old dudes. [Rad]

The Last Pogo Jumps Again: Punk doc, but with old dudes.

Man of Tai Chi: Keanu Reeves directs action movie. Whoa. [John]

Spring & Arnaud: Old artists grow old together. Awww. [Reviewed by me in this week’s web column, along with some other things.]

And that’s it! Gotta run. I have a date with the Mantle twins this afternoon, you see …

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