People I (Sort Of) Know

tumblr_mmyva43qsO1rpgohpo1_500I’m still out west and Toronto’s mayor is melting down, but here’s some stuff for you to read until I get back.

In this week’s NOW, I chat with Karine Vanasse and Emily Hampshire about their work in All the Wrong Reasons — a movie I kind of hated. It’s one of those weird situations, where the people are terrific and more than willing to have an actual conversation instead of falling back on talking points … but I still can’t bring myself to like the finished product.

I’ve interviewed Vanasse often enough over the years that we basically just pick up where we left off every time, and Hampshire jumped right in. Listen to the audio clips; it was a really great conversation, sadly overshadowed by the whole Cory Monteith situation.

Also, I review some films in the Reel Asian festival, and John Semley is thrilled by the gallery component of TIFF’s David Cronenberg exhibit. I’m out of town and missed the media preview, but I’m looking forward to going when I get back — and now, I’m really looking forward to going.

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