All Ahead Full

enders-game-harrison-fordIt was a weekend of people creating their own reality.

The mayor of Toronto spent two hours apologizing for unspecified behavior and refused to step down and seek treatment for his substance-abuse issues, and the utterly banal Ender’s Game opened with $28 million, proving that even a bland, totally calculated sci-fi epic can make money if you market the crap out of it.

Or maybe people just wanted to go back into space after a week where Bad Grandpa was on top. Either way, Gavin Hood’s inexplicable gift for making bad movies that sell continues to serve him nicely.

Ah, whatever. Thor: The Dark World will open on Friday, and it’ll wipe the floor with Hood’s banality. Trust me on this one.

5 thoughts on “All Ahead Full”

  1. Sorry to use your blog as a suggestion box for NOW magazine’s movie section. I did look for a spot on the NOW magazine site to contact them and couldn’t find one (there might be one, but if it’s there, I missed it). My husband and I finally got a chance to see Gravity this weekend. My husband cannot see 3D (lazy eye) and gets a headache watching a 3D showing so we choose to see movies in 2D, even movies which are considered to be much better in 3D. Other sites do distinguish between the two different types. It would be helpful, I’m sure to more people than just me and my husband, if NOW magazine added that distinction to their movie listings. Not sure if there’s any contact between you as a reviewer and whoever would be in charge of listings, and again, sorry for using your blog as a suggestion box.

    BTW, you were, of course, right about how good Gravity was (and I bet it was awesome in 3D).

    1. That’s a really good point — though I think the issue is that the 2D/3D information isn’t provided to us by the exhibitors in the listing data. I’ll poke around and see what might be possible.

      Glad you liked “Gravity”, too — I figured it’d work just as well in 2D. Cuaron uses the possibility of depth as a kind of texture, but it’s not absolutely essential to the experience.

      1. Thanks. And there were definitely a couple of scenes where I wished I was sitting in the next theatre over (won’t mention specific scenes in case other people read this are as tardy as me in getting out to movies).

      1. Thanks. I’ll check that one out. I normally use Tribute as a second choice ’cause they’re already bookmarked for watching trailers, but their movie listings are sometimes incomplete, which they were in this case. That may have been the theatre’s fault though. It was playing in Whitby, where we ended up going after some digging, but the theatre in Whitby had changed ownership this past week. Not sure whose fault the incomplete listings would have been in that case.

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