Bring It

This week in NOW, I do my best to cover the ImagineNative and Toronto After Dark film festivals (and the Reel Indie Film Fest as well, in an online piece that went up yesterday).

I also have a Q&A with Winona Ryder, who co-stars with Peter Sarsgaard in Michael Almereyda’s Experimenter, which opens in Toronto tomorrow. Been meaning to talk to her for a while, but it’s never quite happened. So that was nice.

You’ll also find my TIFF chat with Philippe Falardeau (and Patrick Huard and Suzanne Clement) of My Internship in Canada, a delightful political comedy that keeps getting shuffled down the release calendar by its distributor: Originally slated for release on the 9th, it was bumped to the 16th last Monday — only to be bumped to the 23rd yesterday, too late for us to remake the section and pull the interview. Which is just as well, I suppose, because next week’s film section is absolutely jammed.

Anyway, read it today. Who knows if it’ll actually come out next week?

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