And Soon, The Darkness

jessica-chastain-in-crimson-peakAnother insane week. Six-word reviews for everyone!

Beeba Boys: Deepa Mehta goes to gangland. Okay. [Susan]

Bridge of Spies: Spielberg’s spycraft drama features vintage Hanks.

Crimson Peak: Guillermo’s Gothic is a Technicolor pleasure. [Review will be up later today.]

Experimenter: Watch Stanley Milgram’s story. Watch it.

Freeheld: Get out your handkerchiefs, Oscar voters.[Susan]

Goosebumps: Jack Black IS R.L. Stine. Sorta. [Rad]

The Iron Giant: Signature Edition: Brad Bird’s baby, back at TIFF.

Meet the Patels: Man seeks woman. It gets complicated. [Glenn]

Momentum: Olga Kurylenko runs around Cape Town.

My Trip to the Island: Artful meditation is artful, meditative, dull.[Rad]

Sleeping with Other People: Sudeikis plus Brie somehow equals torture.

Steve Jobs: Aaron Sorkin, master of Steve’s domain.

There you go! Enjoy your weekend of baseball stress headaches, everybody!

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