Dying Young, Living Large

the-fault-in-our-stars-in-articleI haven’t seen the teen weeper The Fault in Our Stars, but I’m led to understand it is a pretty good adaptation of the massively popular novel by John Green. It is also a project aimed directly at teenage girls, the power base who drove the Twilight and Hunger Games franchises to box-office prominence, so it’s perhaps no surprise that it kicked Tom Cruise’s ass all up and down the box-office this weekend.

Yup, The Fault in Our Stars (the movie) opened to a solid $48.2 million — not X-Men money, but nothing at all to sniff at — while Cruise’s latest, the clever and thrilling Edge of Tomorrow, pulled in a fairly sniffable $29.1 million to open in third place, behind Maleficent, which dropped to second with $33.5 million.

You can expect another wave of online thumbsuckers along the lines of “Do YA novels make the best movies?” and “Are teenage girls the great overlooked audience demographic?” this week. (I’ll save you some time: The answers are “No” and “Yes”, in that order.) But nothing will really change; Edge will do well overseas while Fault won’t, and the status quo will be perceived to have been maintained whether or not it really has. That’s Hollywood, you know?

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