Big Night

Like I said, not much time for blogging todayNot much time for blogging today; the Toronto Film Critics Association is throwing its gala awards dinner tonight, and the preparations for that are taking up all of my time. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how long it can take to put together a simple press release … and then you have to start on the seating chart.

And then there’s the question of the weather. Will anyone be able to make it through the gathering snow to attend the ceremony? Besides Toronto’s entertainment media, of course; we’ve long since grown accustomed to trudging through the arctic wastes to get to a free drink.

More importantly: Which film will take home our super-secret Rogers Best Canadian Film Award? Will it be Denis Villeneuve’s “Incendies”, Vincenzo Natali’s “Splice” or Bruce McDonald’s “Trigger”? Check the TFCA website after 8:30 pm EST to learn the winner. I mean, I could tell you, but then they’d have to kill me.

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