Singular Achievements

Drama!First, the business: “Incendies” won the Rogers Best Canadian Film Award last night at the Toronto Film Critics Association gala, marking Denis Villeneuve’s second consecutive win after “Polytechnique” took the prize last year. As the association’s veep, it was my great pleasure to sit at a big round table with several valued friends and colleagues, eat a very nice dinner and let other people do all the talking.

Next, the pleasure: Patricio Guzman’s documentary-essay “Nostalgia for the Light” starts its exclusive run at the Lightbox today, and it is as splendid a piece of cinema as you’ll find on any screen in the city. Need more convincing? Of course you do; those tickets are expensive. So go read my review in today’s NOW, and then start planning your evening.

Also opening today: “London River”, Rachid Bouchareb’s rather melodramatic response to the London subway bombings of 2005. It’s quite well-acted, and Susan really liked it, but I found it a little too schematic for my tastes — much like Bouchareb’s previous attempt at a grand statement, “Days of Glory”.

Still, if it sounds like something you might want to see, it’s available on Netflix Canada now and will hit DVD next Tuesday. So go see “Nostalgia for the Light”.