Begin, Again

coverWell, it’s about that time. Back into the gaping maw of TIFF, where I run from one thing to the next thing for eleven straight days until my head falls off. You know, the usual.

Really, though, the worst is past. Yeah, the festival is a meat grinder, but working for NOW means all the really impossible deadlines have been met and made possible. Our TIFF issue is on the stands now with Glenn’s fine, fun Benedict Cumberbatch interview at its center; I chatted with Wet Bum writer-director Lindsay MacKay, and we ran a good chunk of the 35 reviews I’ve filed to date. And there’ll be more to come in the days ahead, of course.

And there’s non-TIFF stuff too. An interview with Abel Ferrara, whose Welcome to New York takes us where The Wolf of Wall Street was too classy to go, and a Q&A with Matthew Gray Gubler, who gets to be very silly in the underwhelming zombie romance Life After Beth.

I do these things out of love. I have a great gig, you guys.

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