And The Festival Held Sway Over All

the-captive__140516072155The first full day of TIFF is upon us, and back-to-school time means another slow week at the box office, so there isn’t much happening in the world beyond the Lightbox. Only three films are opening today, all of them of modest scale:

The Captive: Booed at Cannes! Not screened at TIFF! But thanks to a canny release strategy, it’s TIFF-adjacent. I haven’t seen it myself, but boy did Glenn hate it.

Life After Beth: In which Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza play young lovers who won’t let a little thing like decomposition get in the way of their affections.

Welcome to New York: Abel Ferrara’s take on l’affair de Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal is grimy, intense and despairing — if maybe a little too static.

Oh, and also I wound up talking to Robert Downey, Jr. yesterday morning; that was fun. And if you’re still looking for TIFF movies to see, the TFCA website has a whole mess of recommendations from Toronto’s finest film critics. And also me.

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