The Unkindest Week of the Year

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As Above, So Below: Scary caverns. Late press screening. Dunno.

The Calling: Surprisingly solid homegrown thriller. With acting.

The Congress: Wish you hadn’t done that, Ari.

Lawrence and Holloman: Two Vancouverites switch lives. Hilarity … ensues?[Glenn]

Life of Crime: Elmore Leonard, moderately twisted. And fun.

Swearnet: The Boys leave the Trailer Park. [Phil]

Also, Ghostbusters is back for a 30th anniversary reissue; I’ll be writing about that later today in my NOW web column. And I’ll see you guys next week, when my brain isn’t leaking out of my ears.

Oh, but keep an eye on NOW’s TIFF site. You never know when we’ll be updating that sucker.

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