Because a President Can Only Do One Thing At a Time

We'll all feel his pain, soon enoughI’ve been trying to avoid the serious political commentary lately, just because there’s so much other stuff to talk about — oh, and because Sarah Palin is enough of a joke already — but I just couldn’t pass this up:

In light of America’s whole being-on-fire financially thing, John McCain’s people are calling for a timeout on the campaign. That debate he was going to have with Barack Obama tomorrow night? He’d like to postpone it.

And the VP debate, in which Joe Biden will presumably reveal to the American people that Sarah Palin is the most woefully unqualified candidate for executive office since … um … ever? Maybe we should take a moment and think about putting that off, too.

Oh, but it’s okay — the first presidential debate can take the place of the VP debate, which will buy Palin a little more time to memorize those empty rah-rah talking points she spouts whenever anyone asks her a question that requires specifics.

Admittedly, it’s a time-honored tradition.

But it’s time for a change.

2 thoughts on “Because a President Can Only Do One Thing At a Time”

  1. A challenge for you, Norm. How ’bout combining your cinephile side with your political side? What movies do you think would best describe the four major candidates?
    It would be churlish of me to reduce Sarah Palin to The House Bunny or Clueless, so I’ll peg her as Bob Roberts…The Times Are a’Changin’ Back indeed. McCain…Christian Bale from The Prestige. At some point we WILL find out that he and Bush ARE REALLY THE SAME PERSON. And am I giving away my political leanings too much if I cast Obama as Atticus Finch…quiet, dignified, intelligent. The AFI picked Atticus Finch as the #1 hero in the movies. It seems that they have already cast their vote. (I’m blanking on Biden and I have to leave for work.)

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