Another Friday, Another Flood

Has anybody seen my gal?If you can’t bear the thought of staying home and watching the debate tonight, there’s plenty of things to see at your local megaplex … and none of them will grind you down with those nasty politics.

Choke“: You know how “Fight Club” tanked on its theatrical release and spent a couple of years under the radar before it resurfaced as an overlooked masterpiece and finally found its audience? Yeah, well, this latest Chuck Palahniuk adaptation — starring Sam Rockwell as a sex addict suffering an identity crisis — isn’t going to be that lucky.

“Eagle Eye”: Ordinary folks Shia LaBoeuf and Michelle Monaghan receive mysterious messages that are either out to save their lives, or frame them as terrorists and send them to horrible violent deaths. Or something. If this was an M. Night Shyamalan movie, it would turn out that they were really mice running around a maze. But it’s a DJ Caruso movie, which probably means everything turns out okay. Adam was unimpressed.

“The Godfather”: Paramount drops its new restoration of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece into theaters three days after the new DVDs of the trilogy hit the street. Imagine experiencing that movie in a theater without print damage. I suspect it would be bliss. (Or you could just stay home and watch the Blu-ray disc.)

The Lucky Ones“: You know how people say they’d watch certain actors in anything? Well, I used to feel that way about Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams, and then I saw Neil Burger’s inane road movie about three Iraq War veterans — Michael Pena’s the other one — bumbling their way to redemption along the most obvious path imaginable. And now I don’t feel that way any more.

“Miracle at St. Anna”: Spike Lee’s WWII epic — apparently made as a corrective to “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Saving Private Ryan” — is two and three-quarter hours long, so I wasn’t able to catch it during the festival. (Anything over 100 minutes presents massive scheduling challenge.) Jason seems to validate all my apprehensions, so I’ll wait for the Oscar screener.

Nights in Rodanthe“: Richard Gere and Diane Lane — who starred in “The Cotton Club” and “Unfaithful” — reunite for a completely empty tale of late-life love in this insipid trifle from director George C. Wolfe, who is apparently a big deal in the theater, but ain’t worth squat on celluloid. But Gere wears the most buttery brown suede jacket, and there are horses.

“Patti Smith: Dream of Life”: Speaking of horses — rock joke! — it feels like I’ve been chasing Steven Sebring’s documentary profile of the musical legend forever, and now it’s playing a ten-minute walk from my house. Result! Susan and Damian (whom I met during TIFF and seems like a very nice person) both speak very highly of it.

Tell No One“: Made two years ago and already released on DVD earlier this year, Guillaume Canet’s smart, twisty thriller finally scores a theatrical release up here after a successful run in the States. Totally worth your time, even if you settle for the DVD.

There, I think that’s everything. And now I have to dive into everything else I have to write today …

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