Jason Lives

Amber notices something strange about the towel boyJust as there will always be stupid, horny teenagers, there will always be people who flock to the megaplex to watch those stupid, horny teenagers be brutally murdered: The “Friday the 13th” remake owned the weekend with a gross of $42.2 million, the best-ever opening for a horror film. Expect to see a lot of hockey masks this Halloween.

Surprisingly, the Clive Owen-Naomi Watts thriller “The International” opened at a distant seventh — below “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, even — with just $10 million. I guess that’s what happens when your evil bank doesn’t turn out to be run by an evil computer.

When will they learn? You can never have enough evil computers behind things. It’s the only way to explain Facebook … obviously, social data-mining is how Skynet keeps finding John Connor. Seriously, see if it doesn’t turn up as a plot point in “Terminator: Salvation”.

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