Aw, Come On

Sniffing in a winter wonderlandAnd yet more snow. This is getting ridiculous; I mean, it’s not so bad that I won’t be able to get out to do this morning’s CTV News Channel hit — I’ll be on sometime after 11am, for those of you near a television — but still. Enough already.

Other Oscar stuff: I’ll be talking about the awards on The FAN 590 at noon, and if they ask me to find the points of intersection between sports and cinema among this year’s nominees, I have no idea what I’ll say. There’s “The Fighter”, obviously, but after that … well, there’s a footie game at the beginning of “The King’s Speech”, and some yachting in “The Social Network”. Oh, and James Franco counts as an extreme athlete in “127 Hours”, right?

Yeah, I mostly just wing this stuff.