It’s Oscars All the Way Down

Yes, this was a thing that happenedFirst, the really important news: I’ll be appearing on CTV News Channel Sunday morning around 11am to discuss the Academy Awards. Rogers Digital 62 in Toronto, check your local listings elsewhere. I expect there will be at least one fashion question. I never know how to answer those.

When you see my face go blank, please don’t think ill of me. I really do know quite a lot of useless stuff about the Oscars, as you’ll see if you check out my latest galleries for MSN Movies’ Academy Awards coverage — there’s this one about the Academy’s habit of giving actors consolation Oscars after neglecting to reward their greatest work, and this other one about Oscar’s fondness for recognizing young women in the Supporting Actress category.

MSN’s dedicated Oscar site has a few other pieces I’ve written over the last couple of months; if you’re gorging on awards coverage this weekend, you could do worse than spend some time seeing what’s up there. Or you could go for a walk or something.

2 thoughts on “It’s Oscars All the Way Down”

  1. You missed perhaps the most famous make-up Oscar of all: Dame Judi Dench, who won for a 2-minute cameo in Shakespeare in Love to make up for the Academy’s snub of her performance in Mrs. Brown.

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