Once Again, the Oscars

And never was a man more deserving. Well, Ryan Reynolds, but he didn't get nominated.Well, there you go. “The King’s Speech” demonstrated that Harvey Weinstein can package a Best Picture nominee like no one else on the planet; Colin Firth and Natalie Portman won the Oscars I predicted they’d get back at TIFF, and Christian Bale and Melissa Leo taught a new generation of actors that “over the top” is just something people say when whey want to drag you down, man.

Seriously, though, we’re all gonna pay for that a few years down the road.

What else is there to say? Quite a bit, actually, and it’s all right here in my NOW coverage. Beyond that, we can all be surprised that “Gnomeo & Juliet” topped the box office in its third weekend with a fairly piddly $14.2 million. The Farrelly Brothers’ “Hall Pass” came in a close second with $13.4 million, with “Unknown” right behind it at $12.4 million.

And “Drive Angry”? Ninth, with $5.1 million. Sheesh. Remember when a 3D picture was a license to print money?

One thought on “Once Again, the Oscars”

  1. But the dresses, man. What did you think of the dresses? (It seemed to be an awful year for them. Melissa Leo was wearing a lace tablecloth, and something sulphrous was creeping over the shoulders of Cate Blanchet’s dress, which wasn’t hot to begin with. Only winners I spotted were Natalie Portman and the very deep red number Anne Hathaway was wearing when Jennifer Hudson came out.)

    And yes, Brand and Mirren would be an excellent idea! I thought Hathaway gamely tried her best, and it might have worked better if they had paired her with “Hugh Jackass” instead of Franco.

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