As We Were Saying …

We can worry about the ozone layer later, dollMy last MSN DVD column before Halloween rounds up another selection of seasonal titles — Sony’s excellent (and long overdue) new edition of “Night of the Creeps”, Warner’s regrettable “Orphan” and E1’s challenging “Sauna”.

Incidentally, now that “Creeps” is finally available, and with “The Monster Squad” due to hit Blu-ray next month, someone’s bound to start agitating for a high-def edition of “RoboCop 3”.

If you know that person, please ask him to stop.

2 thoughts on “As We Were Saying …”

  1. Gotta say, I actually prefer the cheese-o ending of CREEPS’ theatrical cut to the original one that’s been restored for the Director’s Cut. Why does no one take advantage of seamless branching anymore in the case of these radical revisions?

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