John Hughes Never Made a Halloween Movie

I suppose I could go as Patrick Bateman this year ...He wrote about half a dozen Christmas pictures, but nothing set during Halloween. Which is too bad, because that seemed like the one holiday Ferris Bueller would most enjoy. Sloan could dress up as a slutty pumpkin, Cameron could go as a well-adjusted version of himself, and Ferris could be the Walrus. He’d still have to bum rides off of people, but you know he’d have an awesome costume.

I mention this because today’s NOW has my interview with Matt Austin Sadowski, director of the John Hughes “Don’t You Forget About Me”, which comes out on DVD this Tuesday. And also because MSN just posted my latest Movies gallery, which tosses out some Halloween costume suggestions that readers will hopefully find amusing or interesting.

Synchronicity. It’s not just for wankers anymore!

2 thoughts on “John Hughes Never Made a Halloween Movie”

  1. Inspired list…but I suspect this Halloween will see a lot of the more obvious Woody “nut up or shut up” Harrelson. Just don’t offer him a Snowball.

    For the time and money challenged I would suggest putting on a cone of shame and tapping one’s inner ADHD…”Squirrel!”… but my suggestions are obviously for the less knowledgeble movie-goer.

  2. I don’t normally dress up for Hallowe’en, but this year I might, thanks to Chris’s suggestion. Just so I can talk without contractions and be unrelentingly enthusiastic all day.

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