It’s Too Quiet Out There

It sure feels good, doesn't it?… and there’s nothing to write about. Sure, I could fill 500 words with wonderment at Nathan Fillion rocking the space cowboy look on last night’s “Castle” … but that’d be a little on the desperate side, wouldn’t it?

Instead, I will take the slightly less desperate way out and offer you a few cool things to see on the interwebs today:

At his blog, Some Came Running, Glenn Kenny yearns for the good old days when PG movies had random boobies; turns out the new Blu-ray disc of “Logan’s Run” is his Proustian madeleine.

Over on Switched, a dog chews an Xbox controller and buys its owner 5,000 Xbox Live points — which the owner then uses to buy a new controller. There is a cautionary tale in there somewhere.

In the land of Boingboing, Cory Doctorow discovers Dr. Monster’s marvelous Scooby-Doo/zombie apocalypse mash-up. (I forgive you for loving “Zombieland”, Cory. You just don’t know any better.)

And Craig Simpson of The House Next Door considers five great films about childhood, including among them Steven Soderbergh’s excellent “King of the Hill”, still unreleased on DVD in North America. I actually had the chance to ask Soderbergh about that when we spoke earlier this year; he said it’s coming, eventually, but no one’s in too much of a hurry about it.

Which is a shame, really; if Sony can resurrect “Night of the Creeps” (and on Blu-ray, even), then surely Universal can spit out a critically acclaimed catalogue title from the director of “Out of Sight”, “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic” …

6 thoughts on “It’s Too Quiet Out There”

  1. I dunno, Norm, CREEPS, unlike HILL, has the genre, cult, and nostalgic factors going for it, which seems to be the perfect storm required to get a catalogue title out onto Blu-ray. Also boobies.

    I could swear I heard that Criterion was seeking the rights to KING OF THE HILL, though, which scenario would probably result in a BD as well as DVD release.

  2. That would be wonderful, actually — someone tell Soderbergh that I would sit through the roadshow edition of “Che” all over again, if it results in a Criterion BD of “King of the Hill”.

    … I mean, I’m bound to sit through it again anyway, but he doesn’t have to know that.

  3. As I recall, Soderbergh isn’t too fond of King of the Hill and has stated that it’s the only movie of his that he’d remake if he had the chance. Which is lunacy, because it’s a wonderful film.

    Anyway, Norm, finally saw Zombieland. Don’t really understand your hatred of it.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Norm.

    As I recall, Soderbergh isn’t too fond of King of the Hill and has stated that it’s the only movie of his that he’d remake if he had the chance.

    I thought it was “The Underneath” he didn’t care for? One of those in that time period. Can’t remember precisely which, though.

    A Criterion “King of the Hill” would be a wonderful thing.

  5. The Underneath is the film he’s most displeased with (and, again, it’s actually pretty good), but I definitely recall him saying that he’d like to remake King of the Hill.

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