As Promised

In the interest of timing and relevance, here’s today’s NOW What to Watch page, featuring plenty of reviews and links to get you through the weekend and also a quick look at Criterion’s lovely new edition of David Cronenberg’s Crash because I am a dutiful Canadian. And if you want longer reviews of Let Them All Talk and The Wilds, we have those too!

But there’s so much more this week. I wrote about the movies announced as TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten — yep, that’s what they call it, and yep, it sure feels ungainly — and NOW released our lists of the best movies of 2020, and my annual list of Local Heroes, and of course this week is the Binge Issue so our annual gargantuan television package is up too.  Read ’em all! It’s the weekend!

And then check out today’s episode of NOW What, which is the podcast version of Rad’s interview with Never Have I Ever‘s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. In addition to their fun sibling dynamic, there’s a lot of insight into the way Hollywood regards actors of color — and how the current cultural moment hasn’t changed that as much as those actors might have hoped.

And then, I dunno, eat something. Your blood sugar could be dangerously low!

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