Fantastic Voyage

The latest episode of Someone Else’s Movie features a comedy hero of mine: It’s Sam Bain, who would be in the pantheon just for creating Peep Show but also co-wrote Christopher Morris’ brilliant Four Lions and helped Jemaine Clement turn What We Do in the Shadows into a TV series.

And because he has a new movie out (The Stand In, a Hollywood satire with Drew Barrymore in a dual role), I got to talk to him about a movie he counts as an inspiration: Joe Versus the Volcano, the whimsical comedy that marks John Patrick Shanley’s directorial debut and the first time Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were paired on-screen.

Well, the first three times.

Largely dismissed on its original release in 1990, it thrived on cable and is now ferociously beloved by a modest cult. Find out why! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher and get the episode immediately, or download it directly from the web; you know how this works.

And then check out the latest episode of NOW What, in which Rad, Richard and I run down our list of the best TV of 2020, and discuss what did and didn’t make the cut. We’re all stuck inside, you could probably use a new favorite show.


3 thoughts on “Fantastic Voyage”

  1. Someone will probably tweet this to you, but I don’t do the twitter thing.

    Your review of The Midnight Sky has the following:
    “the film is focused so tightly on James’s pregnant Sully…”

    I think you mean Jones’s Sully.

    1. I absolutely do, and I’m not sure how that happened! Unless it’s because I constantly confuse Felicity Jones and Lily Collins, and I have also been known to mistake Lily Collins for Lily James.

      … actually, that’s probably it. But thanks for the catch!

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