An Art-House Weekend, Mostly

This is usually the week when a Saw or Pararnormal Activity chapter would drop, but those series have thankfully gone quiet so we all get a break. And Halloween is still tearing up the box office, so Universal won’t even feel it when the new Johnny English movie craters. Also: Why is there a new Johnny English movie?

Bel Canto: Hostages, opera, political tension. Not bad!

Can You Ever Forgive Me?: McCarthy and Grant are sooooo great.

Hunter Killer: Sub-par sub thriller. Too bad.

Johnny English Strikes Again: Seriously, why? Who asked for this?

Maria By Callas: Documentary profiles opera icon, treads lightly. [Glenn]

Mid90s: Jonah Hill grows up, makes movie. [Rad]

Room for Rent: Little and Gelman are sooooo great.

What They Had: Terrific cast makes familiar family drama.

Oh, and Rad — who’s finally on staff at the paper after ten years of freelancing! — tackled Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and his review almost makes me want to watch it.

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