Real Scary Movies

The NOW website is just bursting with content today, folks!

My latest Superhero Nonsense column tries to make sense of the cancellation of Luke Cage, while on a more serious note we put Planet in Focus in this week’s screening spotlight, talking to programmers Alessandra Cannito and Julian Carrington about the festival’s  evolution over the years — and how their conception of environmental documentary has expanded accordingly.

And speaking of scary movies, I ran down all the Halloween-themed screenings happening in town between now and the 31st — and there’s a lot of them, like two thousand words’ worth. I’m sure you can find something to see if you just dig deep enough.

One thought on “Real Scary Movies”

  1. For ages I’ve been trying to identify a film that scared me more than ANY other I’ve seen. I saw it in on TV the early 1960s when I was 12 or so. I remembered the title as Black Sabbath but the description didn’t fit. It was about a witch who had to be killed by a stake through the eye. I finally found it. Black Sunday 1960 by Italian director Mario Bava. Scary AF.

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