An Absence of Interesting

Yep, that's worth buyingSorry for not posting this morning, but I just don’t have anything to blog about today. Nothing nifty has crossed my desk; in fact, the complete series of “Square Pegs” is the opposite of nifty, despite what the Sarah Jessica Parker marketing machine would have us believe.

Speaking of SJP, I have discovered I don’t care whether Michael Patrick King is telling the truth about certain persistent rumors regarding a character’s death in the “Sex and the City” movie. Sorry. Can’t be arsed.

Oh, unless Samantha is crushed under an elaborate marble sex swing, in which case the next round of Cosmos is on me.

8 thoughts on “An Absence of Interesting”

  1. C’mon. Let us girls have our fun with this movie and save the “all dying” thing for horror movies and anything Joss Whedon wrote.

  2. Kill ’em all. I’ll bring the chainsaw. Who’s bringing the beer?

  3. There are so many other things to have fun with. Learning origami. Learning a new language. Needlepoint. Arc welding. I could go on.

    And Dr George – I’ll bring the beer. Who’s bringing the grapefruit?

  4. Dr. George – just make sure it’s a Manolo Blahnik chainsaw, and an imported beer with a little frilly umbrella in it.

    And hmmmm…I think I’m the only person in the target demographic for this movie making comments. No one’s going to drag you to see it on opening day.

  5. M. Derbecker – Since this is Mother’s Day I’m sure the grapefruit is part of brunch. Mimosas anyone?

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