They’re All Coming Back!

Screw you, Ebay profiteersThe Cannes buildup continues with a couple of ultra-super-secret local screenings — sadly, “Kung Fu Panda” is not among them — so today’s post is gonna be short.

But it’s sweet: Engadget HD reports that Paramount has confirmed that all of its previously available Blu-ray discs will re-enter the retail stream on May 20, when the studio starts releasing BD titles again.

So if you’ve been sighing longingly over the “Mission: Impossible” boxed set, or the copy of “Black Snake Moan” or “Flags of Our Fathers” that you didn’t buy when you had the chance, well, they’re waiting for you to find them all over again.

No word yet on whether all those boxed discs of “Blades of Glory” — set to ship just days before Paramount declared its exclusive support for HD DVD — will make it out, but I’d be awfully surprised if they didn’t.

Also awesome: The Criterion Collection has announced it will be releasing its first Blu-ray discs in October — priced at the same points as the standard-def editions and carrying the same supplements. Check out the lineup; it’s pretty impressive.

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