Death Won’t Set You Free

They're revoking my Oscars? Can they do that?This week’s Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, focusing on “P.S. I Love You” and “Over Her Dead Body” — awful, awful movies that both happen to be about dead people who won’t leave their loved ones in peace.

Please don’t watch them. If you do, all my suffering will have been for nothing … and also, you know, you’ll have watched these awful, awful movies.

I did say they were awful, right?

3 thoughts on “Death Won’t Set You Free”

  1. I will say this about PS I WUB YOO: it’s better than CATCH AND RELEASE, which was like having spiders crawl all over you for two hours.

  2. Love the Noel Coward reference in the middle of reviewing two bad, bad movies. Maybe people should rent Blithe Spirit (if they can find it)…or Truly Madly Deeply…or even Ghost. Anything that uses the dead former spouse conceit to good use.

  3. I saw most of P.S. on the plane to Ireland a couple of weeks ago but it was so incredibly bad that even as a captive audience I couldn’t bring myself to watch it until the end.

    The only remotely good thing I can say about it was that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s accent was spot on. He had me wondering if he was Irish (he’s not). Gerard Butler’s accent, on the other hand, was so sachrine leprechaun that it had me wishing he’d died earlier and Hilary Swank along with him.

    Better for anyone to spoon themselves out a helping of Splenda and read airplane emergency escape instructions than to waste precious minutes of their life watching this movie.

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