Ah, Christmas

And he still has his machine gun, ho ho hoSo here we are again with the holidays, and the abrupt stoppage of interesting stuff happening in the world.

But wait! The Onion AV Club saves the day again, with its list of 42 seasonal delights that don’t make us want to bludgeon an elf to death. Or they do, but in a good way.

As always, the comments beneath the article — which, this time, include an intriguing sub-thread about the inescapable darkness of “It’s a Wonderful Life” that echoes Wendell Jamieson’s great New York Times essay — are just as engaging as the piece itself.

And if you don’t come out of this wanting to spin up “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics” again, well … let’s just say that won’t be coal you find in your stocking come Thursday morning.

One thought on “Ah, Christmas”

  1. These lists never include The Lion in Winter, which has as dysfunctional a Christmas as The Ref. Who hasn’t thought, “What shall we hang, the holly or each other?”, at one point or another?

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