A Whole New World

hawkebernsteinWell, Someone Else’s Movie is now live on iTunes, which I’m told vaults my little project into the Thunderdome. I think that means a whole bunch of other podcasts are going to try to kill it, or possibly that’s the plot of Tron.

Anyway, I wrote a thing about launching the show for NOW, because they were nice enough to offer some cross-promotion. Check it out! And then also check out all the stuff I have in this week’s paper, including looks at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and the Canadian Film Festival, both of which get underway next week.

I also have a lovely conversation with Seymour: An Introduction director Ethan Hawke and subject Seymour Bernstein and a chat with Pierre Morel, who aims to turn Sean Penn into an action star with The Gunman. Dig in!

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