A Wind from the East

Firefllies3I don’t have any interviews in this week’s NOW, but don’t you worry — I’ll be talking to some very interesting people next issue, just you wait and see.

Today, though, you can check out my thoughts on TIFF’s Studio Ghibli retrospective; yes, it’s basically the same one they held in March 2012, but now it hasĀ Grave of the Fireflies, which is a really big deal.

One thought on “A Wind from the East”

  1. That’s a priceless anecdote about Miyazaki berating his translator. I’m struggling to remember which disc it appeared on, but I recall watching a supplement about one of his older movies in which some of the Japanese animators were interviewed, and they all seemed thoroughly miserable and beaten-down. It left the impression that Miyazaki was a slave-driver and generally an unpleasant person to work for.

    It must have been an import disc, because the piece was not the usual EPK promotional fluff that Disney would ever sanction.

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