Earth Day

'He runs toward the mountains. He will never reach them'It’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day — henceforth to be known as “Avatar Day“, if 20th Century Fox has anything to say in the matter — and I’m going totally ecocentric across the board.

This week’s issue of NOW features my interview with Kathleen Rogers, president of the Earth Day Network, with whom I spoke last month in Los Angeles … and in my latest MSN Movies gallery, I line up a few nature documentaries worth spinning up before you go see “Oceans” at the megaplex.

So there you go. Have a carbon-neutral day, everybody!

3 thoughts on “Earth Day”

  1. Well, I see that you’re on the internet this morning. Unless your computer and home are powered by solar energy, that most likely already sets you back. You better not fire up the home theater to watch any Blu-rays or DVDs today. Do you have any idea how much electricity your A/V receiver and projector suck up?

    In fact, you shouldn’t be reading this now. Turn off that computer! Don’t try to do any work today, or you’ll kill the planet!! 🙂

  2. At the risk of sounding either shallow or callous about the environmental message of these movies…I have got to screen Winged Migration for my cat. (Yes. I have occasionally deliberately put things on TV for my cat.) It will put him into an entirely different kind of trance than you meant. Sort of an overwhelming carnivore imperative. So far his “favorite” (by which I mean he watched, rapt, for a solid 20 mins.) show has been Meerkat Manor…although he did show surprising interest in Fantastic Mr. Fox, considering the critters walked upright and wore clothes.

    More in keeping with the intent of this column…I’ll have to check out Manufactured Landscapes. I saw some of Burtynsky’s work at the AGO; it was compelling stuff. And Baraka is already on my Ziplist.

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